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Lyfe Challenge Platform

What is Lyfe?

Lyfe is a decentralised wellness rewards and gamification platform for healthy lifestyle through blockchain technology.

We strive to promote healthy lifestyle through wellness challenges and Lyfe Rewards as an open platform for various fitness and health apps to join us in making health and well-being more fun and rewarding for everyone.

  • Rewarding Healthy Lifestyle
  • Decentralised Loyalty Points
  • Community Challenge
  • Rewards Redemption
  • Sponsorship Challenge
  • Be Healthy Make Money

Lyfe Rewards Platform

Be it losing weight, quitting smoking, or achieving fitness goal, Lyfe will always reward you for maintaining your health.

Lyfe open-access cross-platform program will rewards you with Lyfe Token based on various fitness data points that you submit, from fitness application to wearable device. Lyfe Rewards platform is the pioneer and the most flexible wellness rewards platform built on top of blockchain technology.

Lyfe Rewards Platform
Lyfe Open API and SDK

Cross-platform Open API & SDK

More than half of people abandon their health devices and apps due to lack of engagement and incentive.

With Open API and SDK, Lyfe will allow app developers to use LyfeREWARDS and LyfeCHALLENGE platform in their own ecosystem while still maintaining the value and exchangeability factor of the token.

The Benefits of LYFE tokens holders

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